The history of the Don Michele tradition

Etna is a territory with unique characteristics and for that it has always inspired winemakers and wine lovers from all over the world as a territory with unique characteristics . And it is from Passopisciaro, a tiny village on the north east slope of the volcano with a bizarre name, that our story begins: a story that smells of Greece, myth, wine and traditions.  

This is the story of a mature man with a strong sense of family and respect for the traditions which completely fell in love with his new passion, his new “lover”. This lover is an eight hectares vineyard which, in return, produces a wine which reminds him all the features of the land he fell in love with. This man is Michele Pennisi, cardiologist by profession and winemaker by passion. Since 1994, the faithful factor, who knows every aspect of this land, willing to share his knowledge to the future generations, when will be the time…

The new generations

The passion and love for the land and its sweet fruit runs through the veins as the blood. It will be the son Vincenzo, geologist by profession, in 2006 to carry on his father’s legacy. With Vincenzo a new adventure started: selling the products even outside Sicily and the local area. To do that, he needed a name: a name that was able to evoke the history of the man that with its passion and resources brought it to the excellence.  

Without any doubt he decided to call the new label Don Michele. No other name could better evoke his father memory and at the same time keep the real authentic Sicilian soul.

Different paths, one passion

Different paths which leads to one unique route: the willingness to keep alive not only the legacy of who came before, but above all the family passion. Hence, from the grandfather Don Michele we arrive to the last generation.  

And the land, demanding but generous lover, again answers to who dedicate passion and love. Tenute Moganazzi currently produces 4000 bottles, Don Michele red and white. A niche production considered to be extremely precious and valuable, a fine wine greatly appreciated to wine lovers and experts.

Our company

The company takes its name from the district where the vineyards gros, precisely contrada Moganazzi, in Passopisciaro, within the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia. The red wine Etna Rosso Don Michele originates from the vines of Nerello Mascalese and Nelerello Cappuccio; the withe wine, on the other hand, from ancient Carricante and Cataratto plants.

650 a.s.l.

is the altitude where the Tenute Moganazzi vineyard grows, planted in a basaltic soil rich in silica and ancillary minerals

80 years

Is the average age of the vines, grown according to a knowledge handed down from generation to generation


is the number of bottles produced after the wine has been aged in barriques for about a year

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